Submitted File Specifications


Data should be in columns and rows in a file format that can easily be converted to CSV or Excel. All data should be represented in the ISO basic Latin alphabet (diacritics allowed). Columns should have Column Headers. If multiple sheets exist, or multiple columns have name data, please indicate which you would like screened, or all may be screened. Each field/element/cell of data to be screened must be in it's own column, do not combine name and address data or combine more than one name or more than one address in the same field. Charges are calculated on a per-row x per-column basis, no deduplication is done on our part. If you are submitting multiple files, please zip them together, we support .zip, .gz, and .7z.

The default setting for matching logic in our Batch Screening product is 50% word match with a minimum of 2 words (or 1 if only 1 word is in either your entry or the DPL entry), unless the end user specifically requests different settings. Percentage is the % of the total words that were involved in the match minus words on the excluded list. We then further filter this using a Levenshtein distance of 100% or less, and then an Analyst further reduces the report based on their human faculties. We prefer to have an ISO 2 Letter Country code for each row of data, it greatly helps with the filtering process. All people names are preferred in a "Last, First" format, or we should be notified if not so we can adjust our logic.

You can submit the file via our website, ftp(s) site or email - we can accept gpg encoded files, our public key is available from our support site.

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