Bulk Load


Provide us with a spreadsheet, CSV, tab-delimited file with the appropriate columns, or with a mapping of your columns to ours, and we'll bulk import your list into your DSL. The columns that we have available for your use are:

  • Name - Unicode (or ASCII) String 255 characters - this is the only required field
  • Street1 - Unicode (or ASCII) String 255 characters
  • Street2 - Unicode (or ASCII) String 255 characters
  • City - Unicode (or ASCII) String 255 characters
  • Region - Unicode (or ASCII) String 100 characters (usually a state code)
  • Country - ASCII String 2 characters (usually an ISO 2-letter code)
  • Code - ASCII String 50 characters - end user use code
  • Notes - ASCII String 255 characters
  • ClientID - integer - can be used for later updates, must be unique by itself or in conjunction with the code field, and only provided if all updates to your DSL will be done via a bulk load

We also offer a manual screening process that can ensure screening against the file you send us just before we import it into the list.

You can use this Excel file (below) as a template for your data as long as the data doesn't exceed the above requirements.

All fields are optional except the name field, it is the only one used in the screening process. All other field data is used in the report to assist you when you need to do further research or track down the individual or organization in your system. Any extra fields in your file cannot be supported and will be removed. Any optional fields that you are not using do not need to be included in your file.

When your data is ready for processing you can upload the file through our secure upload page with the reason of "Dynamic Screening Bulk Add/Update" (https://www.mkdenial.com/upload/) or contact support to discuss your requirements for delivery.

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