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Maintenance can be done to your list via the Dynamic Screening List Admin page.

  1. The Alphabetical Index helps you get right to the party you are looking for.
  2. If your list is really large, the search can help you pinpoint the party you are looking for
  3. Next takes you to the next page of results, in the order that you've selected. A "prev" link will appear on the other side of the screen once you're past page 1. 
  4. Each column is sortable. To sort by the "id" select this link. The columns all contain your data, except for the ID column which is assigned when the entry is put in the database.
  5. The >> indicates that this is the column we are sorting on, and the direction is ascending, click again to reverse the order.
  6. Each name is hyperlinked to a full view of the party including the fields not visible here
  7. "<< back" will take you back up to the menu
  8. "add new party" will allow you to add one more party to your list.

Clicking on a name will bring you to the view page:

This shows you all of the information including the notes and who last altered it (or added it in the first place if no changes have taken place). You can go back to the listing page, or you can edit this record. Chosing edit takes you to the same page as the add option on the listing page, but filled with the details of the item you are editing:

Here you can make changes as required, or "delist" the entry so it won't be screened in the future (though the record is kept for historical reference and auditing) and when done press "save".

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