Returned Report Specifications


IDNUM represents an arbitrary unique identification number for each listing in our Denied Party List (DPL). If you click them, it will take you to a detailed view of the particular listing in our DPL. You will need a username and password -- please contact Customer Support if you do not already have credentials.

Denied Party Data is the data in the DPL that matched your data. It should correspond to the name, or the street1 field.

Percentage represents the percentage of words involved with the match that were not on your common word list.

  • So "Smith, Robert Tomas" vs. "Smith, Jack Tomas" means 4 words (the smiths) involved with the match, and 6 words total = 66%
  • Or "Amalgamated, Inc." vs. "Amalgamated Chemicals" assuming "Inc" is a common word means 2 words (the Amalgamateds) out of 3 total words or 66% (one word match allowed due to only 1 word on left hand side)
  • Or "North American Mercantile Savings and Loan" vs. "Association of North American Business Interests", assuming "and" and "of" are common - 4 words (norths and americans) out of 10 or 40% match.And so on.

Using this percentage helps to weed out matches that do have 2 words in common, but are not very closely related.

Data Matched is a copy of the field in your data that our data had matched to. It should contain name or address data.

Name of the individual, organization, entity, or vessel in our database.

Country is the ISO 2 letter code of the listing.

Code indicates the source list code.

DelistDate is included if you have opted for an Historical Screening, and indicates the date that the listing was inactivated.

Remaining columns to the right of our data are your data returned to you

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