Note: We recommend that you use the latest version of our DPS web services for any new development or when you perform updates to an integration using an older version of our web services. Please review our web services listing to read up on our latest version.

Web Service Overview

You will be billed by transaction at the rate negotiated in your contract. The way the web service calculates a transaction is:

  • 1 transaction for each comparison on the name field
  • 1 transaction for each comparison on the street field
  • Each group is billed at a Minimum of 1 transaction

So if you searched for "Name Similar To Robert Mugabe" OR "Name Similar To Bob Mugabe" you would be charged 2 transactions. If you split this up into 2 groups, also combining a "Country Is ZW" in each group, it will still be 2 transactions. If instead it was one group of "Name Similar To Robert Mugabe" AND "street is 1234 Main St." AND "Country is ZW" then you'd be charged 2 transactions (1 name, and 1 street).

If you have concerns about how you will be billed, please feel free to request help from

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