You will be billed by transaction at the rate negotiated in your contract. The way the web service calculates a transaction is:

  • 1 transaction for each comparison on the name field
  • 1 transaction for each comparison on the street field
  • Each group is billed at a Minimum of 1 transaction

So if you searched for "Name Similar To Robert Mugabe" OR "Name Similar To Bob Mugabe" you would be charged 2 transactions. If you split this up into 2 groups, also combining a "Country Is ZW" in each group, it will still be 2 transactions. If instead it was one group of "Name Similar To Robert Mugabe" AND "street is 1234 Main St." AND "Country is ZW" then you'd be charged 2 transactions (1 name, and 1 street).

If you have concerns about how you will be billed, please feel free to request help from

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