The MK Denial Web Service v3.1 WSDL is located at https://www.mkdenial.com/dplv3_1.asmx?wsdl the WSDL for the preview/staging site is https://uat.mkdenial.com/dplv3_1.asmx?wsdl.

MKDenial recommends use of soapUI , Storm or WebService Studio v2.0 for testing web services and getting a good feel for how our interface works.

In addition we would be happy to meet with your integration team as you start to integrate, in order to help with the finer points of EAR compliance, SOAP web services, or whatever else it takes to get you integrated quickly.

We'd also like to suggest that additional logic be placed on your side to assist with nuisance hits, which can happen, including some of these possibilities:

  • Using a Levenshtein Distance algorithm to help rank matches
  • Using an analysis of the number of words involved with a match to help rank matches
  • Using a "common word exclusion" system. We provide one, which is available for your use, which will ignore certain common words when doing matches (eg: Inc, Ltd, Pty, LLC, etc.)
  • Using a "clearance system" where you can clear hits that occur frequently after doing due dilligence. (for example you do business with "NCR Corporation" and have determined that they are not the "NCR" listed by the GSA and DTO (an alias for "NATIONAL COUNCIL OF RESISTANCE").


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