What is Cookie Collision?


Cookie collision is a condition that sometimes occurs when attempting to persist your session across visits to our site. Some URLs in our system contain information that attempts to pick up your session where you last left off. If you run into this issue and can keep getting redirected to the login page, please copy the following steps into an application like notepad or Word that will allow you to follow the directions and cut and paste the specified URLs.

  1. Close all browser windows.
  2. Open a new browser window.
  3. Open a new browser window and browse to https://www.mkdenial.com/logout.cfm (you should be logged out and then be redirected to the disclaimer page).
  4. Close the browser window.
  5. Open a new browser window and browse to https://www.mkdenial.com (do not use a bookmark).
  6. Log in.

If you typically use a bookmark to access the site and the above steps resolve your problem, please consider deleting your bookmark and instead bookmarking the URL in step 3 as it doesn't contain any session information.

If you continue to have cookie collision messages after performing the above steps, then we recommend that you delete your cookies. Please be aware that some browsers allow you to delete cookies for a site, but others like Internet Explorer require you to delete cookies from all sites. If you need to perform this step, please be aware that you could lose access to other sites that are using cookies to keep your session open and would be required to log in to them again.

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